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European Operations

PMP PAL International s.r.o History
1922 : Company established (Military Workshop).
1946 : From 1946 onwards production of DC-motors, wiper systems, wiper blades & arms, dashboard instruments, sensors, switches, steering wheels, Commutator and other parts were started.
1946 : PAL “United Works of Automobile & Aircraft Industries”, a state-owned company was formed.
1998 : Magna International acquired 70% of PAL Praha a.s. shares. Focus on wipers and DC motors.
2002 : In 2002 Magna International acquired 100% of PAL Praha a.s. shares.
2004 : Ford Q1 quality status granted.
2005 : ISO TS 16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications were awarded to the company.
2008 : PMP Auto Components Pvt. Ltd. acquired 100% of PAL International s.r.o. shares.
2009 : Name changed to PMP PAL Interntional s.r.o.

PMP Bakony Ablaktorlo - Rendszerek kft History
1938 : Bakony Művek Co. was established
1968 : company was nominated for supply of wiper systems to Volga Car.
1985 : Supply of wiper systems, distributors and ignition switches started to new VAZ car "Lada Samara".
1994 : Started supply of wipers to Magyar Suzuki, old Swift cars.
2000 : Suppliers for Suzuki Wagon RT and polish made Opel Agile.
2003 : Started supply of wiper systems for Suzuki Ignis.
2004 : Started supply of Wiper systems for New Suzuki Swift.
2005 : The company becomes global supplier for and started export of wiper systems to Japan and Taiwan.
2006 : Bakony gets nomination letter for New Wagon R / Agila (NWA).
2007 : PMP acquired 100% of Bakony wiper systems.
2008 : Name changed to PMP Bakony Ablaktorlo - Rendszerek Kft.

PMP PAL manufacturing facility is located at Prague in Czech Republic.

The plant is equipped with modern and latest production and test equipments with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The plant develops, manufactures and supplies wiper motors and wiper systems which offer complete solutions for keeping windshield screen clear and unobstructed. The wiper system product range includes:

  • Front wiper system
  • Rear wiper motor
  • Rear wiper arm and blades with and without integrated nozzle
  • Front Arm and blades
  • Industrial motor

PMP PAL caters wiper system to following world renowned OEMs.,VW Skoda, Fiat, Volvo, Peugeot, and Citroen.


PMP PAL International S.R.O.
Point Park D8
Hala DC 02
250 66 PRAHA - ZDIBY
Czech Republic - EU

Phone: +420-284010-301
Fax: +420-284010-401
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